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From Boathouse Deck

Relax for sunset

Screened-in Porch

Boathouse Sunset

Boathouse Sunset

Boat Sunset

Floating is Popular from Boat or Dock

I disturbed his slumber

Walking Stick

Mosquito Eater

Our Annual Visitors

2021 Boathouse

View From the Boathouse Deck

Spring Family by the dock walk

Wild Flowers

Peach Spring

Peach Spring


Wild Flowers

Ancient Rose Bush

Spring Delight

Dockside Wild Flower

February 2021

One of Several Varieties

50 Groups

Front Yard



September 2020

August peach trees

Hydrofoil Races

Hydrofoil Races

Mosquito Eater

Crane Fly not Mosquito

Mosquito Eater Outside Boathouse

End Boathouse Dock

End of Boathouse Dock

Boathouse Deck Great Fishing

Boathouse Deck looing North

Point of the Peninsula Sunset


Green Heart Chimney View

Frosty Heart

Spring Egg Time

Peach Tree Pal

Peach Tree Partner

Peach Tree Friend

Peach Tree Friend

Lake View from the House

Dock to the Boathouse

Snow Dock

Boathouse Dock

My House from Boathouse Deck

Boathouse Deck

Boathouse Deck Looking North

From Boat House Deck with Sun Dogs

I am the end of the road

Winter Singing Blackbird Flocks

Summer Transient

Neighbor's Decoration

My House at the end of the Road

On the Mower

Moon Rise

Fishing Guest Egret

Egret with Motorhome Slot Behind

From Screened In Porch

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